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A framework for building and measuring startup communities, from our experience creating the most entrepreneurial city in America.
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Startups are the primary source of job creation in America Cultivate Entrepreneurship With Our Proven Approach

Organize Your Community

Automatically group people and companies by industry

Connect People

Encourage mentorship through open communication based on roles and industry experience

Measure Impact

Track startup growth and connections between people in your community and across your region

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Your City, Your Community

Your startup ecosystem is led by individuals who champion private 'networks' or public 'industry clusters'. We help you connect accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces, mentorship groups, and investment funds, with the mentors, employees, investors, service providers, and founders who work together to support specific industry segments in your community.

  • Identify leaders to invite founders, mentors, investors
  • Create private, invite-only networks
  • Create public, industry-focused clusters
  • Include startup team members and service providers
  • Roll up data to a regional or state-wide level

Pricing Pay as you grow

Community Members


  • Connect with founders, mentors, and investors
  • Find startup resources in your community
  • Track economic growth by industry

Community Managers


  • Create custom industries and private networks
  • Manage people, companies, and resources
  • Track economic growth by industry
  • Embed in your website
  • Aggregate data across your state

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